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Upcoming PhD. Defenses

01.06.2023 - "Epidermal and dermal remodelling during cutaneous wound healing and scar free regeneration of adult zebrafish" - İsmail Küçükaylak - 9 am in the seminar room, 3.003, Biozentrum.

12.06.2023 - "Endocrine control of growth and reproduction in zebrafish" - by Amrutha Bagivalu Lakshminarasimha - at 3 pm in the seminar room, 3.003, Biozentrum.


Latest Publications

  • Zhang, J.L., Richetti, S., Ramezani, T., Welcker, D., Lütke, S., Pogoda, H.M., Hatzold, J., Zaucke, F., Keene. D.R., Bloch, W., Sengle, G. and Hammerschmidt, M. (2022). Vertebrate extracellular matrix protein hemicentin-1 interacts physically and genetically with basement membrane protein nidogen-2. Matrix Biol.122, 132-154

  • Welcker, D., Stein, C., Feitosa, N.M., Armistead, J., Zhang, J.L., Lütke, S., Kleinridders, A., Brüning, J.C., Eming, S.A., Sengle, G., Niehoff, A., Bloch, W. and Hammerschmidt, M. (2021). Hemicentin-1 is an essential extracellular matrix component of the dermal-epidermal and myotendinous junctions. Sci. Rep. 11, 17926

  • Hatzold, J., Wessendorf, H., Pogoda, H.M., Bloch, W. and Hammerschmidt, M. (2021). The Kunitz-type serine protease inhibitor Spint2 is required for cellular cohesion, coordinated cell migration and cell survival during zebrafish hatching gland development. Dev. Biol. Vol. 476, 148-170

Labor Seminar List

All seminars are held in English in the seminar room (3.003) on the 3rd floor. 

When? Who?
24.04.2023 Ilayda (Energy Homeostasis)
16.05.2023 Joy (Skin)

Julia (Skin)

30.05.2023 Hans-Martin (Bone)
13.06.2023 Barbara (Bone)
20.06.2023 Ismail (Wound healing/Skin)
27.06.2023 Madhuri (Neuroendocrine control)
04.07.2023 Kai (Skin)
11.07.2023 Amrutha (Reproduction)
18.07.2023 Javi (Skin)